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Music and BIM: Second BIM Brothers Music Video Out—’Faster than Ever’

Does it make sense for tech companies to produce highly engaging music videos touting the virtues of their products and services? You be the judge in this second edition music video produced for GRAPHISOFT as part of the original BIM Brothers music video series.


Charlie Coopper, a former employee for BIM software leader GRAPHISOFT, as shared news of his second music video production for GRAPHISOFT touting the benefits of BIM with ARCHICAD.

Moving Forward Into Music Videos for Tech Companies

The first BIM Brothers music video was quite charming and fun. This second BIM Brothers video is no different.

Cooper writes to Architosh, “I worked for GRAPHISOFT for seven years, attended numerous AIA National conventions, and starred in the original BIM Brothers music video you put up on Architosh in 2014.” That video, by the way, you can find here.

Cooper has plans for taking this talent—and it is definitely a talent—into the professional business side for tech companies. Software and technology companies who might want a music video like this to talk about its products and technology should definitely reach out to Mr. Cooper. He’s interested.

Anyway, without further ado, ‘BIM Brothers—Faster than Ever’ below: