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Rhino 5 for Mac special pricing ends mid-September

A quick reminder that the introductory price of Rhino 5 offer is only on until 15 September 2015.


The limited-time introductory price of 295.USD or 200.euro is ending soon and those of you who purchase Rhino 5 can enjoy many free updates when the new Rhino 5.1 arrives.

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Rhino 5 for Mac details

It’s worth noting again that Rhino 5 for Mac is not the same as Rhino 5 for Windows. It has versatile 3D modeling, several tools such as NURBS, Mesh, Analysis and Drafting. It also comes with support, compatibility and stylistic display modes, yet it may not include all the Rhino for Windows features but the anticipated 5.1 will help to bridge that gap. To check out what system it requires, click here.

Teachers and students can get up to 80% off of Rhino 5 for Mac and worldwide regional training for up to three days are also available for those who want to participate in these workshops.

01 - A screen shot of the Mac version of Rhino 5.

01 – A screen shot of the Mac version of Rhino 5.

You can try the 90-day evaluation for Rhino 5 for Mac. To download, click here.

Rhino 5 for Mac 5.1 update coming soon

Rhino’s team is ensuring us that they are working hard on many updates and in a few weeks Rhino will notify anyone who is registered when the new version of 5.1 is available for download. Again, those who purchase Rhino 5 for Mac the 5.1 update will be free.