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GRAPHISOFT introduces Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection

Graphisoft has introduced a public beta version of its Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD connection, an industry first bi-directional and real-time connection between all three programs.


Graphisoft, the leading Building Information Modeling (BIM) software developer for architects and designers, has announced the public beta of its new Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection.

The new technology enables the ability to work with the popular Grasshopper tool for algorithmic design with professional BIM software (ArchiCAD), through a best-in-class iterative design workflow. The development of this technology grew the the Budapest-based BIM maker’s partnership with Nikken Sekkei of Japan, one of the largest architecture firms in the world and a firm standardized on ArchiCAD.

Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection

The Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD connection offers a unique design workflow, helping to explore a large number of design variations and optionality for architects. It is possible to create iterations using algorithmic controls via the new connector, fine-tune building details and assemblies like curtain walls, for example, and all of this without exchanging files between the three programs.

01 - The new Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection. This new technology from Graphisoft is an industry first for bringing these two popular tools directly into interaction inside a leading BIM program.

01 – The new Rhino-Grasshopper-ArchiCAD Connection. This new technology from Graphisoft is an industry first for bringing these two popular tools directly into interaction inside a leading BIM program.

The new RGA Connection compliments ArchiCAD’s existing native file format support for Rhino that enables designers to open and save Rhino files of any size or complexity with ArchiCAD.

By extending the existing natural link between Rhino and Grasshopper, the new tool empowers architects to start and modify their designs in any of the three design environments — Rhino, Grasshopper or ARCHICAD.

“In addition to a standard BIM design approach that is based on assembling building elements, the Rhino–Grasshopper–ARCHICAD connection will bring the benefits of using BIM at the early design phase, when buildings elements are still undifferentiated,” said Tomohiko Yamanashi, Executive Officer and Deputy Head of Architectural Design Department at Nikken Sekkei. ”This connection will also help align the traditional design process with the computational design approach. I am looking forward to seeing BIM become a friendlier design tool for architects.”

About Nikken Sekkei

One of the world’s largest architectural design firms with over 2,400 professional staffNikken Sekkei and its eight Group companies offer comprehensive design, engineering, management, consulting and R&D services. Established in 1900, the company’s portfolio consists of over 20,000 projects in 40 countries. Its activities cover a wide spectrum of sustainable public and private endeavors including: new city design, high-density/mixed-use transit-oriented developments, super high-rise buildings, business parks, offices and facilities for commercial, cultural, educational and healthcare use. Nikken Sekkei is headquartered in Tokyo and maintains branch offices in Singapore, China, Korea, Vietnam and the UAE. In growing to its present position, the company has constantly focused on development of new methods and technologies that redefine design for current needs and priorities.

About Rhinoceros and Grasshopper

Rhinoceros® 5.0, developed by Robert McNeel & Associates, is the market leader in industrial design modeling software. Highly complicated shapes can be directly modeled or acquired through 3D digitizers. With its powerful NURBS based engine Rhinoceros® 5.0 can create, edit, analyze, and translate curves, surfaces, and solids. There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size. For designers who are exploring new shapes using generative algorithms, Grasshopper® is a graphical algorithm editor tightly integrated with Rhino’s 3D modeling tools. Grasshopper requires no knowledge of programming or scripting, but still allows designers to build form generators from the simple to the awe-inspiring.

About Graphisoft

GRAPHISOFT® ignited the BIM revolution in 1984 with ARCHICAD®, the industry-first BIM software for architects. GRAPHISOFT continues to lead the industry with innovative solutions such as its revolutionary BIMcloud®, the world’s first real-time BIM collaboration environment, EcoDesigner™, the world’s first fully BIM-integrated “GREEN” design solution and BIMx®, the world’s leading mobile app for BIM visualization. GRAPHISOFT has been a part of the Nemetschek Group since its acquisition in 2007.