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Mac 3D News: PixPlant 3 Released for both Mac and Windows

The latest PixPlant 3 by FaronStudio has several new features helpful to 3D artists looking for the creation and editing of textures and 3D image maps.


FaronStudio has announced the latest version of their application, PixPlant 3. This third major version of their popular 3D texturing software works on both Mac and Windows platforms, providing 3D visualization artists another option for working on converting photos into seamless, useable 3D textures for 3D applications. The program competes with similar stand-alone and plugin software.

Seamless 3D Maps from Plain Photos

PixPlant 3 is an intelligent 3D texturing tool that creates and edits seamless textures and 3D maps. Not a plugin for Photoshop but a complete software stand-alone application, PixPlant 3 empowers users to take simple photos and convert those into “seamless” tiling textures.

In addition to seamless textures, PixPlant 3 extracts 3D maps from photo images, for use in Displacement, Normal, Diffuse, Specular, and Ambient Occlusion maps. All the extracted maps can then be fine-tuned using the software’s including editing tools.

01 - PixPlant 3 by FaronStudio is available for Mac and Windows and turns normal pictures into seamless 3D textures including 3D mapping data.

01 – PixPlant 3 by FaronStudio is available for Mac and Windows and turns normal pictures into seamless 3D textures including 3D mapping data.

PixPlant 3 supports pixel level editing of 3D maps; users can edit Displacement, Normal, Diffuse, Specular and AO at multiple scales, providing 3D artists much more control. PixPlant includes tools for whole-surface editing at fine and course level, as well as pixel-level tools for specific precise adjustments. The program also features a real-time 3D rendering preview of the 3D maps.

Specific New Features

Specific new features in PixPlant 3 include an easy to use Wizard in the texture area that simplifies seed image preparation.

02 - Another view of PixPlant 3.

02 – Another view of PixPlant 3.

There is also a revamped 3D preview area with new options, project files support, a more modern user interface with two skins, and the ability for texture and 3D maps to be edited in an external application with results returned to PixPlant. (see image 02 above)

Availability and Price

PixPlant 3 is available now as an electronic software download. A new license is $175.USD, with upgrades from version 1 – 2 at $69.USD by providing an existing serial number. Quantity discounts are also available. PixPlant 3 is also comes in a Freelancer License for $85.USD. This applies to freelance professionals (not dedicated or studio-based visualization pros) and for non-commercial work.

A fully working 30-day demo version is available to download. A watermark is present on all produced images however. To learn more and download visit here.