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Mac 3D: Greyscalegorilla announces 30 Cinema 4D Tutorials in 30 Days

Greyscalegorilla starts the new year with 30 Days of 30 Tutorials. CINEMA 4D experts launch continuous tutorial series.


The good folks at, a leading tutorials and extra-add on site for Maxon’s well-regarded CINEMA 4D 3D software program, is kicking off 2015 by announcing “30 CINEMA 4D Tutorials in 30 Days.”

Tutorials are Good For You

The tutorials produced by this company are some of the best in the entire 3D industry and are often a lot of fun. Every day in January there will be a new tutorial video. All of the tutorials were recorded at Ask GSG Live, a show the company does every Wednesday. These sessions are live and include live comments from users asking these CINEMA 4D experts how to do different stuff they can’t yet do or do well. From these best segments comes the 30 best segments.

About Greyscalegorilla is an active community and resource for training and tools for creative folks, not just for CINEMA 4D for which it is well-known but for other toolsets as well.

01 - Greyscalegorilla is offering 30 tutorials in 30 days.

01 – Greyscalegorilla is offering 30 tutorials in 30 days.

The small crew also develops a range of products including, such as its popular HDRI Studio Pack, Light Kit Pro, Pro Studios and numerous other interesting gear such as City Kit and others.