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Special Event from Japan: GRAPHISOFT announces new ‘BIMcloud’ for global architectural industry

Architosh is in Japan covering live GRAPHISOFT’S big announcement about its new “BIMcloud” technology and offering. The Hungarian software innovator has again introduced industry firsts to the AEC software market

Today GRAPHISOFT of Hungary has introduced BIMcloud® in a special event in Tokyo, Japan. Hosting a press corps from the UK and the United States, along with South Korea and Japan, and along with its most important and biggest customers in Japan, the BIM innovation leader introduced a big new offering to its collaboration technologies for its flagship ArchiCAD 17 and BIMx product lines.

GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud Introduced – Details

GRAPHISOFT BIMcloud® is a full-fledged BIM collaboration platform allowing teams of any size to collaborate on native BIM data in “real-time.” Leveraging the company’s innovation-leading Delta-Server™ technology and combining it with best cloud and cloud-server architecture, BIMcloud provides the AEC market with essential features of a world-class BIM collaboration environment. Here are the core features:

  • REAL TIME — Thanks in part to GRAPHISOFT’s patented Delta Server technology, real-time collaboration on complex building information models is possible, regardless of the size or location of the collaborating teams. “Collaboration,” the BIM leader feels, is best performed in “real-time” not near real-time or delayed time. Cloud-based system architecture guarantees simultaneous access to collaborative BIM projects 24/7 for any number of endpoints from any location in the world equipped with a standard Internet connection.
  • ROBUST — GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud Solution offers built-in conflict resolution, which means “server-locks” are a completely unknown phenomena for its users. In addition, extremely high network tolerance makes even long distance access possible on standard Internet lines. BIMcloud utilizes secure HTTPS protocol and advanced backup and version rollback options technology. This protects your BIM project data–the most valuable IP asset related to any construction project–with unprecedented data safety.
  • FLEXIBLE — BIMcloud is not demanding on hardware or computer software systems and can be deployed on both public and private setups. For BIMcloud servers, standard desktop configurations should suffice, while the BIMcloud Manager is accessible in its full functionality from any mobile device.
  • SCALABLE — BIMcloud’s most important advantage to its real-time BIM collaboration is its capacity to scale server resources. While this is happening the BIMcloud server does not stop work for the team. You can also assign new BIMcloud Servers on-demand.
  • INTEGRATED — BIMcloud is fully prepared for integration into large enterprise IT infrastructure. Dynamic Active Directory integration through LDAP protocol allows users to use their domain username/password combo to access their BIM projects in the cloud as well.

Some readers may wonder why a European BIM player is announcing this new BIMcloud offering and technology in Japan. Here is why:

Japan is Design-Build Oriented – A Difference in BIM

BIM has changed tremendously in Japan in the past five years due to some special customers, said Viktor Varkonyi, CEO of GRAPHISOFT. He remarked that today Japan is increasingly seen, from a particular level, as the leading country for BIM partly because the size of the large design-build companies pushing BIM forward here in Japan.

Some of Japan’s largest builders and architecture firms are pushing BIM forward. Because Japan has a strong “design-build” orientation at the very large project scale, this reality is affecting how BIM workflows evolve and how the technology is shaping around Japan’s unique market needs for large projects.

“This is the first time GRAPHISOFT will launch a worldwide rollout of a new product line in Japan,” said Bence Kovacs, Vice President of Asia, GRAPHISOFT. “This clearly shows the impressive progress our large Japanese customers have made in their BIM implementation in recent years. It also demonstrates our strategic focus on South-East Asia, which we believe is one of GRAPHISOFT’S most promising growth areas in the coming years,” he added.

To learn more about BIMcloud see and more information from Architosh in the coming days.