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Commentary: Snow Leopard may make June

A major developer is aiming their Snow Leopard dependent release for the June time-frame, suggesting strongly that Apple may have the next OS X operating system on store shelves as early as a day after the Apple WWDC keynote.

We heard an interesting tidbit today from a solid source on a major developer. Apparently, this major developer is waiting to release their big new application for the Mac but cannot do so until Snow Leopard is out due to 64-bit dependancies. 

While we cannot divulge the particular developer in question, the major software company has a unique and particular relationship with Apple, one that goes back years and years. We can tell you this: we are not talking about Adobe. 

This note strongly suggested that the release of this new bit 64-bit based software is currently aiming at a June time-frame, timed to coincide with Apple’s worldwide developers conference (WWDC 2009). Apple’s conference is slated for June 8-12, 2009. 

Snow Leopard, New UI and Beating Windows 7

Interestingly, this news come at a time when AppleInsider just reported that Apple is close to unveiling its guarded Snow Leopard user interface overhaul. Jobs originally told WWDC attendees and the press that Apple was just focusing on non-UI based improvements for Snow Leopard, but the company has been secretly working on a brand new UI since the beginning.

Apple is apparently very close to preparing this new UI for broader consumption now, and a two-month window is probably an unnecessary amount of time to prep for WWDC for just the UI–especially given that the company has reportedly been working on the new user interface improvements from the very beginning of this release cycle.

With a major developer hoping and thinking they can release their Snow Leopard-based product in the June time-frame, and Apple apparently ready to go with a new UI, it seems reasonable that perhaps Apple will have Snow Leopard on store shelves within days of WWDC. If so the company will have all summer to drum up excitement and press coverage on Snow Leopard before Microsoft releases Windows 7 in perhaps as early as this Fall.