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Architosh's learning and entertainment pages will keep you busy with interesting links to articles on Mac OS X, PowerPC, Linux on PPC, and other interesting technical info, including nerdy stuff on 3D and CAD/CAM/AEC.

Mac OS X
Our Macintosh OS X page has resources to help you get up to speed on Apple's newest operating system software. Enjoy pertinent links, descriptions and a helpful comparison chart between OS X and Windows 2000 and Linux.

We have also started a listing of Mac OS X ready CAD/3D/AEC applications to help you get started in planning a migration to the new OS. New!


We have updated our PowerPC information from our old site with new links, resources, Architosh articles on PPC, and PowerPC news from Motorola and IBM. For those interested in Linux on PowerPC see our Linux on PPC page. New!

Pro Mac Resources
Want to learn about the advantages of the Macintosh platform? Need case study stories and technical information on ROI and TCO to help demonstrate to management the benefits of the Macintosh platform? If yes, this is the page for you. New!

We also have a listing of the 12 best Macintosh Web sites and technical Mac site link information for your technical issues.


Thinking of testing the Linux waters?
If you have been itching to see if you have the technical know- how to install and use Linux on your PowerPC hardware then this is the page for you. We have put together the best resources for PowerPC Linux on one page. Lots of good links...plenty of new reading material. New!
Here is the complete listing to our previously published opinion articles for your reference. We will be adding more material to this page in the future. New!
Future Content
We will be adding future content for your enjoyment here, including more articles, links to interesting stories, and an art and architecture gallery. Coming!








PowerPC News:

According to the IBM PowerPC Newsletter for December 2000, IBM will be showcasing new IBM PowerPC processors running in the latest Apple products. Their booth number is 411. IBM Software will also be showing their latest ViaVoice technology.

AppleCare Technical Certification Training. Visit our Pro Mac Resources page to learn about how to gain this new industry certification.



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