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Product Reviews New!
Architosh has reviewed many sofware products over the years. Our reviews are written by editor-in-chief Anthony Frausto-Robledo, or by industry professionals with a wide variety of expertise. We also have new hardware reviews. Below is a listing of many of our most recent reviews.

Graphisoft ArchiCAD 10 - 4.5/5

Luxology modo 202 - 4/5

Apple Mac Pro - 4.5/5

Wacom Tablet Graphire4-640 - 5/5

Google SketchUp 5 - 4.5/5

Autodesk SketchBook Pro 2 - 4.5/5

IMSI/Design TurboCAD 2D v1 - 4/5

Abvent Artlantis R - 4.5/5

Microspot Interiors 3.6 - 4/5

Microspot MacDraft 5.5.7 - 4.5/5

VectorWorks 11.5 - 4.5/5

At Last SketchUp 3 - 5/5

RealViz ImageModeler 3.5 - 4/5

Informatix Piranesi 3 - 5/5

3dNY Master Series: EIU 5 - 5/5

Strata 3D Pro - 4/5

Electric Image Universe 5 - 4.5/5

FastTrack Schedule 8 - 4/5


Architosh Executive Interviews New!
Since our first CEO interview with Richard Diehl of Nemetschek North America, Architosh has become known for its thoughtful and informative exchanges with some of the industry's brightest and biggest names in CAD and 3D. Here's some of our recent and most noteworthy interviews:

Chatside - Architosh Talks to Luxology President, Brad Peebler About 3D, modo and Apple

Chatside - Architosh Talks to Adobe Acrobat Product Manager, Patric Aragon

Executive Interview: Architosh Talks to Graphisoft US Vice President, Don. R. Henrich II

Executive Interview: Architosh Talks to Nemetschek North America's New CEO - Sean Flaherty

Chatside - Architosh Talks to Hollywood Veteran Eric Durst: Introduction to Dis-Konnected's animated star, Alex

Executive Interview: Apple's Richard Kerris Talks About Siggraph and 3D on the Mac


AEC CAD IT Study Indicates Macintosh Advantages for IT Management Costs for AEC Firms Worldwide
In this press release, dated June 4, 2003, Architosh announces the results of a 71 AEC firm study indicating lower IT costs for Macintosh only firms than their Windows and Mixed Platform peers. The important study contains detailed analysis from leading firms worldwide such as Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW) of Paris, France and Genoa, Italy, along with other major, distinguished architecture firms in the US and Canada.
Firm Profile Series
We have launched a new article series focusing on showcasing successful Macintosh-based practices (AEC/Design or 3D firms). Learn about these incredibly successful Macintosh-based practices below:
To learn more about participating in this open program please read our Firm Profiles page.


In-Depth Series
In this special feature series, we go "In-Depth" with BOA, from BOA Research. BOA is next-generation 3D architectural CAD and sets the standard for 3D spatial navigation in a CAD package. A must see series with lots of screen shots.


Architosh e-Store:
Help support this site by shopping at our Architosh eStore. We have two choices for Apple hardware and software, plus the ICS Apple VAR Store featuring lots of CAD/AEC products, including HP Plotters. Additionally shop our Book store for architecture, design, CAD and 3D books. Everything you can do to help us keep this site going is very appreciated. Thanks!

If you have purchased a Macintosh system or CAD or 3D software purchase from our Architosh MacMall Store, please write to us via email with your order information (items, name or order no.) and we will send you a free small gift plus put you on the list for receiving our first software application later this year for free. Contact us.

Additionally we have an indepth article on Apple Servers and Macintosh CAD/3D Workstations with everything you need to plan an implementation of either. We will be updating for the Xserve in the near future.

Architecture & 3D Resources at Apple.com
We have put together a Special Report on Apple's various resources for architects, 3D and other related professionals. The report includes extensive links to Apple Testimonials from professional and educational customers around the world. These stories often summarize the specific software and hardware gear used by these companies and institutions.
Finding Abilities
Our site map, index and other finding pages are up. We show you how to search Architosh's extensive news archives for information as well as the stories we have done recently.
Entertainment Section
We have been hard at work on the remaining sections of Architosh 2.0. In this area you have access to excellent resources on Mac OS X, PowerPC, LinuxPPC and Pro Mac sites and links around the Net. Good stuff for learning more about Macintosh.

AIWUG: Supporting the Mac in CAD/3D/AEC
AIWUG: Architosh International Web Users Group is the new name of our Architosh Members' AEC Pros Listing. Essentially the same program but with new features, benefits and opportunities. If you use the Mac in CAD/3D/AEC or other technical visualization, join the list of (now) over 350 members now and help show your support of Macintosh. Updated!
BOA - Exclusive Interview
Just a few hundred yards from the ivy league walls of Harvard Yard, Architosh founder Anthony Frausto-Robledo sits down with Nader Family, chief founder and programmer of BOA Research, to discuss his new revolutionary architectural CAD product—a product created on the Mac for the Mac.
VectorWorks for OS X: Exclusive Interview
Architosh founder and editor, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, discusses the future of the number one Macintosh CAD program on Mac OS X, Apple's next-generation operating system, with Sean Flaherty, CTO, of Nemetschek, North America (formerly Diehl Graphsoft).
AltiVec and Multiprocessing in CAD/3D
This short article describes some of the merits of the Motorola G4 processor with AltiVec. Learn why the PowerPC RISC-based G4 chip outperforms Pentium class processors with cycles at twice the megahertz. Technical notes from Sean Flaherty, CTO, of Nemetschek NA and links to articles by respected industry sources.
Architosh Macworld New York Reports
Our second year return to Macworld brought even more good news than in 1999. We have so much to share it may take months. Our first report concentrates on 3D modeling, graphics cards and FirstClass® Intranet Server. Great news on the graphics front, check it out!
Architosh News Page!
Architosh now has an expanded news section within the site. This section will grow and adapt over time and organize our site's news and links as we go forward. This is the place to go to find our old news as well. Go there now!

Popular Features

Some of our recent popular features include our:

- VectorWorks 12.5 speeds way up on Intel-based Macs

- Review: SketchUp Pro 5 by Google

- Review: Wacom Tablet Graphire4-640 by Wacom Technology

- Chatside - Architosh Talks to Luxology President, Brad Peebler About 3D, modo and Apple

- The Ultimate Xeon CAD Workstation is a Mac Pro - Apple Clobbers Dell on Price and Flexibility

Hot News Items

Some of our most important news items and reports include:

-Macs in Architecture: Architosh consulted in feature film "Breaking and Entering"

-Mac Matters(tm): Beware 'end user' Microsoft and Autodesk both seek innovation by lawsuits

-Analysis: Parallels latest Desktop for Mac now makes running Windows CAD & 3D apps on Macs even better

Older Hot Items

- Editorial: All Things Considered - The CAD Market Was Really Apple's To Lose - But It Doesn't Have to be Permanent

-Veteran CAD CEO says Apple is going to make a big push into the CAD market

-Firm uses Electric Image for superb architectural visualization with dynamic elements in animations

Architosh Polls

We have some reader polls in our forums on some hot topics - take the polls or just check out the results:

- Are you holding off until the Power Mac G5? Hot!

- What size Apple monitor do you want for CAD/3D?

Architosh Forums

Join the best Mac CAD/3D/AEC forums on the Net. The hottest threads are listed below:

- Apple and CAD

- Macintosh vs PC

- Plotting to the HP DesignJet 500...what's your workaround?

- VectorWorks vs FormZ

- Jobs has got Maya and 3D in his sights

Architosh Petition Efforts

Architosh has been running petitions on the behalf of Mac CAD and 3D users everywhere and we continue to collect important industry information -- which in turn helps us aid developers to support the Mac!

- Autocad on Mac OS X Detail Survey 1 Hot!

- Mac CAD AEC IT Survey Hot!

- Pro 3D Mac Hardware Request Survey

-Pixar RenderMan on Mac OS X Survey Petition

Have a Question About Mac in CAD and 3D? Write to us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.

Architosh Press Releases

You can read some of our current and past press releases here:

- 4 June 2003 - AEC CAD IT Study Indicates Macintosh Advantages for IT Management Costs for AEC Firms Worldwide

- 16 May 2003 - Cyon Research and Architosh to Jointly Publish White Papers Studying Business Cases for Autocad on Mac OS X

- 10 June 1999 - Britasmedia's Architosh Web Publication Wins "Top Web Addresse" from Macwelt Magazine, et al.

- Press Release Library

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