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Our new Firm Profile article series is directed at showing readers what Mac-based firms can do with their technology and showcasing their results.

Some of the best design firms in the world use the Macintosh as their primary computer platform for a number of compelling reasons. Firm Profiles explain those reasons for you so that you can make better technology decisions in your future.

By participating in the Firm Profiles series you gain a number key benefits as well as help to reinforce the advantages of the Macintosh platform. In addition to some of the benefits below you help Architosh fulfill its Mission.

• Reinforcing the Benefits of the Macintosh Platform
• The Generation of Complimentary Marketing Materials for your Firm
• Getting Your Firm Name Out as a Firm & Technology Leader
• Showcasing Your Firm's Creative Work
• Helping to Springboard other Publication Efforts

Participation in our Firm Profile series is open to all candidates who meet some basic criteria concerning their computer technology use. We are very interested in firms that are pushing the envelope or doing unique things with their computer technology but also simply interested in featuring successful Mac-based firms.

Purpose Statement:

1- Educate fellow Macintosh-based design professionals on IT related issues to demonstrate the strengths of Mac platform technology.

2 -Inform fellow Architosh readers of your firm's unique identity, market position and abilities.

3- Produce complimentary content for use in your firm's marketing and recruitment strategies.

The very first step is to write to us expressing interest in participating in the Firm Profile series. You can contact us by phone or email but we prefer the latter at this stage. Please send inquiries to Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch. Editor or call at 617-312-3305 during normal business hours (Boston time).

Email Packet Number 1 is what we send you to complete once we have heard from you. This packet is self-explanatory but centers on providing us with information on your firm that will help us understand and learn about what makes your firm special and what you do.

One we have Email Packet Number 1 sent back to us we will schedule a time frame for an interview or schedule the interview itself. Once the interview is complete and we have all the requested materials from Email Packet Number 1 we will write and create the article for your review and send you Email Packet Number 2 which will contain further directions.

At this point the process is near completion and we will send you a publication date.


If you have any questions about the Firm Profile series please contact us

Home > Features > Firm Profiles

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