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Site Awards and Reader Reaction  

Architosh received immediate praise in February 1999 with its surprise introduction on the Macintosh Web scene. Within the first year the site garnered two industry Web site awards and continued praise from readers, journalist and software industry professionals. Hear what other's have to say about Architosh!

Reader's Praise Our Content
Architosh was overwhelmed by the positive response it received in early February of last year. What started out as a serious personal hobby quickly revealed to be of enduring value to thousands of Macintosh professionals worldwide. Proud and excited by this feedback, Architosh founder, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, decided to take it to the next step...and thousands of Mac users couldn't be more happy.

Reader's Like the new Architosh 2!
Architosh 2.0 began as early as August of 1999. After hundreds of emails with helpful advice and heaps of encouragement by our readers, Apple employees and Mac CAD developers, initial planning began on version 2 of the site—starting with programming and a new information architecture.

While we have some more work left, readers like what they are seeing so far. And here's why:

"Great...what timing!

I scanned it this morning. Looks great and loads noticeably faster. I really like the home page because it is no longer a magazine cover— there is useful info and links right there when I arrive.

Looking forward to the rest of the site as you fill it in."

— Gregory La Vardera
Gregory La Vardera Architect
Simply Fabulous Reviews!
According to some, we live up to the high standard we set out to reach. Which means for our readers, and most importantly the vendors who believe in our mission and the Mac, that our attention to detail and quest for depth set's us apart from the rest.

To read more about us, the Architosh mission, the Architosh Business Case, and more positive reactions by readers and others... please follow the links below.

More Reader Reactions
Readers love our Editorials
Vendors love our Reviews

Site Awards from Publishing & CAD Pros
Nothing gave us more juice to keep this site moving like the two surprise industry Web site awards we received in 1999. Now that we have moved this publication to the next level, we hope to garner more honors going forward. And you can help us!

If you think we are doing a good job for the Mac, send us a vote of confidence to the following industry editors. We'll certainly appreciate it. Thanks!

Macworld, Editor in Chief, Andrew Gore

MacWEEK, Editor, Stephen Beale

MacWelt, Editor in Chief, Andreas Borchert

Cadence Magazine, Editor in Chief, Arnie Williams

MacWorld UK, Editor in Chief, Simon Jary
























































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