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Architosh's Business section provides you with all the informational resources you need to work with us, whether you are an ISV, advertiser, hardware vendor, Apple employee or partner.

Architosh Business Case
Want to learn why Architosh will succeed? Read our business case to understand our position in the market, our research and the industry forces that are driving Architosh forward. Our business case reveals how Architosh is uniquely poised to help you succeed in the Macintosh CAD/CAM/3D market.
Architosh Corporate Sponsorships Updated!
Architosh's funding model is similar in philosophy to PBS, wherein Corporate Sponsorships, or "underwriting", provides a critical supplement to our modest revenue structures.

More importantly, "underwriting" Architosh helps us to reach our strategic mission of supporting the Macintosh platform in CAD/3D/AEC markets. Corporate sponsorships helps to identify your company with our readers as:

• "Committed" to the Macintosh platform
• Supportive of our "special role" in Mac CAD/3D/AEC
• A "Premium brand" in Mac CAD/3D/AEC
• An "industry leader" in CAD/3D/AEC
Our Corporate Sponsorship programs offer an extensive array of "communication tools" for promoting brand awareness, supporting product market growth and communication with your end users. There is simply no better return on investment than an Architosh Corporate Sponsorship program, all of which are attractively priced.
Architosh Advertising Updated!
Architosh offers an array of ad banner and text advertising both on Architosh and across the entire Macintosh News Network collection of sites. Read on for more information and a MediaKit.

Architosh Editorial Programs New!
Architosh's editorial programs come in two different flavors and form a critical component of our future site growth and strategy to be a "communications platform" for the entire Mac CAD/3D/AEC market.
Award and Press & Reader Reaction
When Architosh was introduced in February of 1999 the site immediately received critical acclaim. Within a few months the site had received its first two Web site awards from leading publications.

And that doesn't include what our readers have said! We have received hundreds of appreciative emails from architects and other technical design professionals worldwide. Click here to read what some of them have to say about Architosh.

Press Information
Our press information page contains the info you need to write about Architosh in your print or web publication. We provide screen shots, site history, press quotes, reader quotes, firm and individual bios and photography. A work in progress!
Architosh Banners
Using our Architosh banners on your site is completely free. No surprises, no contracts...just a simple rule for linking. We also have affiliate Web badges with or without linking requirements that you can place on your company, school or individual Web site. Coming!
Architosh Legal Updated
This page contains our necessary legal statements, information on copyrights and trademarks and contact information.





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