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Architosh's Digital Practice Guide can be browsed leisurely by category or approached via a tailored set of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Starting with general questions you drill down deeper into the FAQ structure toward your answer.

Why Search for Answers?
Architosh receives hundreds of emails yearly regarding common questions about using Macintosh computers for CAD and 3D visualization. We will continue to answer emails regarding questions not covered by our DPG-FAQ structure but please scan the FAQ first. New!
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions New!
The Architosh DPG contains a growing list of questions and their answers, as they pertain to applications, hardware and processes of utilizing Macintosh technology in CAD/3D and AEC disciplines.

• The DPG-FAQ is a terminal to information...

• References to articles and forum threads....

Send in your questions/answers to help us...

Post answers in our Forums....

FAQ: Software Guide New!
The Architosh DPG contains over 100 applications arranged in various alphabetical tables with links to the companies that produce these solutions.
FAQ: Hardware Guide In Progress!
The Architosh DPG assist you in configuring Powerful Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC workstations and servers and contains links to various hardware items including CAD plotters, large and medium format printers and more...

Need More Help?
If you need more help and can't find the answers you are looking for please feel free to write us....but before you do that please also consult the following helpful items at Architosh:

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