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We put the Pro Mac page together with the objective of fair and honest Mac advocacy. Here you will find resources to facts and answers about the strengths of the Macintosh platform. As well as helpful commercial Web sites devoted to Macintosh.

What are they?
The advantages of the Macintosh today remain similar to its original advantages 15 years ago. However, we must admit that rival operating systems have caught up in many regards and even surpassed the Mac in some.

What about today?

Today the Mac embarking on a new era. Central to this is the brand new Mac OS X operating system—an operating system unlike any before it. Key strengths of this new Mac OS begin with the Mac OS's legendary early advantages:

New Advantages in Mac OS X come from its powerful Darwin (Unix) core utilizing an advanced Mach microkernel and key new Apple software advancements.

Where do I learn more?
For a detailed comparison between Mac OS X and Windows2000 and Linux visit our comparison chart. For more information on Apple Advantages continue with reading below.

What are the advantages?
For design professionals in architecture, interiors and other AEC professions, being "productive" while being "creative" is one of the major keys to financial success. What holds back professionals on Windows is precisely what gets out of the way on the Mac: technical difficulties!
Just Say No!
Start by refusing to let computer technology dictate and drive your creative business. Are you tired of system crashes, expensive and complicate server solutions, expensive CAD software that doesn't even do what you really want it to?

So are tens of thousands of architects, and other design professionals around the world who have already made the switch to Macintosh. With the Macintosh technology gets out of the way so you can be creative. Read any link below:

With Mac OS X things-are-a-changing!
Some key new Mac OS X applications will be giving 3D studio designers something to really look forward to in the very near future.

Getting Mac OS Technical Answers
The following resources should help you find solutions to your problems.

• Apple

• Apple Technical Training and Support

• Mac Technical Support Sites

Help and Community: Your Mac Peers
Some of the best information comes directly from users. So join an Apple User Group near you and begin to master the Mac.
Join and Support AIWUG
Support the Architosh International Web Users Group. Go to the AIWUG page at our Community section to learn more.


In our humble opinion here are the top 12 Mac Web sites (not including ours, of course)

Mac Site: Comments:
MacNN Macintosh News Network - leading news, forums and network of related sites.
AppleInsider The most trusted and accurate insider Mac news source. Fun forums too!
MacSurfer The Web's leading Mac news indexing site. Tons of links to news daily.
MacWEEK News from the same folks you bring you Macworld Magazine. Industry staple.
Macworld Online UK Fantastic news and info from our friends across the pond.
AccelerateYourMac The source for Mac performance news, tips and reviews.
DealMac The latest deals on all things Macintosh. Great finds.
MacGeneration Great Mac News site for French-speaking Mac users around the world!
MacGamersLedge Great Mac games online destination. News, reviews, inside info. forums.
FireWireWorld This vertical site is focused on just FireWire. News, reviews, info.
MacWindows This vertical port is focused on Mac to Windows integration. Excellent stuff!
VersionTracker The number one resource for Macintosh software. Great vertical site!


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