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LinuxPPC (PowerPC) is riding the Linux movement with all of the excitement of Red Hat, SuSe and IBM—to name just a tiny, tiny fraction of players involved. Yes! you too can check out what's so hot about Linux, and all on your existing Macintosh hardware.

What is Linux Anyway?
If you haven't heard of it yet, Linux is an open-source Unix-based operating system invented mostly by Linus Torvalds. Technically Linux is a freely distributed implementation of Unix that runs on a number of hardware platforms and processors, including Intel x86, Itanium, Sun SPARC, Dec Alpha, AIM PowerPC, IBM RISC, etc. etc. Because it is free and runs on a large variety of hardware it is very popular and is growing twice as fast in the server market over any other rival.

Another very popular free UNIX operating system is FreeBSD (Berkeley Standard Distribution) UNIX, which is incorporated inside of Apple's new Mac OS X. FreeBSD is famously deployed as the OS behind some of the world's largest Web sites, including the largest one Yahoo!

Linux on PowerPC Hardware
Below are a listing of resources for learning about Linux on PowerPC hardware:

Below are a listing of Linux on PowerPC hardware Providers:

UNIX has run on Apple hardware for many years. In fact Apple's own AIX server operating system was based on IBM's RISC-based UNIX operating system. For a few years Apple produced AIX servers, beautiful boxes for that time, and industrial strength in many aspects.

There are reasons why you might want to run UNIX on your Mac. For starters you might want to run Radiance, the US Department of Energy's raytracing lighting simulation program. You may also want to run other high-end 3D and visualization software under UNIX. Below are a few UNIX distributions for your Apple hardware:

Tenon also makes CodeBuilder, a complete UNIX development environment for the Macintosh.



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