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Architosh.com To Launch New Premium Subscription-based Publication in 2005

Architosh.com one of the leading CAD sites worldwide and the number one Macintosh centric site for all things CAD and 3d will be launching a new biannual premium online magazine focused on serving technical visualization professionals such as architects, engineers, and visual effects artists.

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island -- October 12, 2004 -- Architosh.com, today announced that it is modifying publication direction with its online news portal for Macintosh CAD and 3d professionals. While the award-winning publication, which was launched in February of 1999, will retain its Architosh brand, its new premium publication will feature a new sub-brand with its own web domain and branding identity.

Architosh.com has been a mainstay in the Macintosh online news arena for more than five years and has single handily produced more Macintosh-centric CAD and 3d publishing than all other Macintosh online and print publications combined. However, since that time Apple's market share in various CAD-based industries like architecture and engineering has remained in a relatively static position with some minor market share gains in recent years. The Mac 3d market on the other hand has blossomed with a dramatic increase in leading application availability and mindshare.

Market Share Realities

"In looking back at the past five years I realize now more than ever that Apple's focus in moving its market share numbers up centers on the creation of the 'next big thing' as Steve Jobs might call it," says Anthony Frausto-Robledo. "This isn't a company that is emotionally configured to increase its market share in systematic incremental baby steps like Microsoft did back in the 80's and 90's."

According to IDC and stat houses Apple's market share numbers have been increasing by small amounts over the past year. Additionally, the company has steadily made very good improvements in unit shipments both independent of and on the back of the iPod's runaway success.

"I see Apple possibly making some very good general market share gains due to its success with the iPod and iTunes Music Store," says Frausto-Robledo, "and this should, over time, accrue to vertical markets like CAD and 3d. However, for the time being, Architosh will be modifying its publication strategy to better suit market share realities and Apple's penchant for 'black curtain' drama."

A New Publication Strategy for Architosh

In 2005 Architosh will launch an all new subscription-based premium online publication in tandem with a smaller and dramatically reorganized version of Architosh.com. "Architosh will remain essentially connected to its original core values and mission, serving its loyal base of readers," said Frausto-Robledo, "but the new publication is going to be very different and serve the market in a different way. The new publication will be structured as both a premium oriented portal and an indepth magazine published just two times a year," says Frausto-Robledo. "This is both about reorganizing our internal resources as well as better adjusting to constraints and limits in the market."

Architosh looks forward to building and extending its strong relationships to its readers and to the numerous software companies which it covers in the Mac technical visualization markets.

About Architosh

BritasMedia's publishing mission with the Architosh Web site is to serve a worldwide audience of Macintosh-based CAD/3D and AEC professionals and students with market-leading information (IT) resources, news, reviews, and editorial products. Since 1999, Architosh has been the world's leading Mac CAD/3D/AEC portal now serving over 25,000 unique readers monthly in more than 70 countries around the globe.

Press Contact

Anthony Frausto-Robledo, B.Arch.
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Architosh / Britasmedia
14 Creston Way, Providence, RI 02906
617-312-3305 (t)
[email protected]

Advertising Sales Contact

Karen Popp
Business Development Manager
415-460-1144 (t)
[email protected]

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