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The Architosh AEC CAD IT Survey Report for 2002 publication marks a historical moment for the history of the site and for Macintosh-based CAD/AEC professionals in general. Never before has then been such a detailed and comprehensive IT report available that would enable Mac IT professionals and firm principals in the AEC world to make informed decisions about their information technology needs.

Additionally, this report--which is covered in some detail in our special feature articles--assist non-Macintosh users considering making a switch from PC to Mac or supplementing PC-based networks with Macintosh computers.

The Architosh AEC CAD IT Survey Report publication is a physically bound report (8.5 x11 in.), printed in high quality color ink-jet on high-quality bright-white paper. Exceeding 50 pages of detailed information (see below) the report includes over two dozen helpful graphs and charts, detailing the findings of the survey.

Also included is a private Web site where readers can download the full set of QuickTime animated charts and graphs as well as the original Apple Keynote application files for inclusion in your own internal IT business presentations. During the year (2003) this private Web site for readers will be updated with additional information and media.


Part 1: General Results

• 1A. The Survey Respondents

• 1B. Limitations of the Data

• 1C. Executive Summary

Part 2: Platform Focused Results

• 2A. OS Platforms in AEC

• 2B. Workstations

• 2C. Database Software

• 2D. Accounting Software

• 2E. Servers

• 2F. Backup Systems

• 2G. IT Staff Type and Time

• 2H. CAD Platforms

Part 3: Firm Sized Focused Results

• 3A. Database Software

• 3B. Accounting Software

• 3C. Servers

• 3D. Backup Systems

• 3E. IT Staff Type and Time

• 3F. CAD Platforms

Part 4: IT Recommendations

• 4A. Cross-sectional Studies

• 4B. Recommendations based on Platform

• 4C. Recommendations based on Firm Size

• 4D. Other Recommendations

Part 5: Commentary and Resources

• 5A. Evaluating the Macintosh in AEC

• 5B. Forward Looking Analysis

• 5C. Architosh Resources for Macintosh in CAD/3D/AEC

• 5D. AEC Survey Questions & Answers


Cost -

There are two different price sets. One price set is for Architosh Members (AIWUG) in the US and abroad. The second price set is for non Architosh Members in the US and abroad.

In order to get member pricing you must send in your AIWUG info prior to or with your order form in order for us to process your order. To Join AIWUG go here.

Make sure you download the corrector order form below.

The Architosh Member (AIWUG) Pricing: (PDF Order Form)

$25.00 US (includes standard US mail delivery)

30.00 Euro (includes standard mail delivery)

The non-Member Pricing: (PDF Order Form)

$50.00 US (includes standard US mail delivery)

60.00 Euro (includes standard mail delivery)

To simplify our efforts we are not offering Fed-Ex or any other rush (priority) mail delivery options at this time. Foreign orders will take longer than orders within the continental US to deliver. US orders are now shipping at US Postal 2 Day Air.

Payment -

All payments must be by money order, cashier's check or personal or business check. Checks shall be made out to:


We will submit personal and business checks for bank authorization prior to any shipment. For speedier delivery of the report please pay by money order or cashier's check.

Ordering -

To order please download and mail in the correct order form (above) complete with required info (address and name info) with payment to:


28 Columbus Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140 USA

Availabity and Fullfillment -

The report will be availabe to ship February 24th, 2003. Fullfillment will be on a first-come first-served basis. We will provide an estimated despatch lead time on our main page and here as well starting February 24th.

• Dispatch Time = 2 Days



AEC IT Report - Online Part : | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | index

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