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Mac3D News: solidThinking 3D app coming to Mac OS 9 and OS X

3 Feb 2000

In a recent article we discussed the various CAD and 3D modeling and rendering applications by NeXT developer GESTEL s.p.a, of Vicenza, Italy. solidThinking, a previously Windows 95/NT-only 3D solid modeling application, is coming to the Macintosh -- and coming soon!

According to GESTEL spokesman, Alex Mazzardo, solidThinking will be entering the beta phase in February (this month) and will presumably ship in April. Architosh has been added to the beta testers list so hopefully later on this month we will have something to show readers.

solidThinking has moved to the Macintosh faster than what was previously the case. Apparently, with Apple's amazing comeback and flourishing renaissance, GESTEL has been getting more demand for a Macintosh version and has gone ahead to accelerate the efforts of bringing this professional modeling application to the Macintosh and eventually to Mac OS X. Apple's efforts to use OpenGL has also helped accelerate this efforts. GESTEL also makes a number of other CAD and 3D applications, including apps made for NeXT/OPENSTEP platforms. With the NeXT connection, hopefully these apps will move to Mac OS X quickly as well.

For more information go to GESTEL's website.

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