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Autodesk MapGuide Viewer for Java on Macintosh

1 Feb 2000

MapGuide Viewer, by Autodesk, is a Macintosh compatible Java client application for viewing MapGuides by Autodesk. The viewer itself is free and can be downloaded off the Autodesk site.

Features for MapGuide Viewer include:

  • Access live, secured, vector and raster data
  • Connects to multiple, distributed geographic and attribute databases
  • Available for Sun SPARCstation and Macintosh, in addition to Windows
  • 2MB size, and easy to install
  • Familiar browser interface
  • View facility plans, as well as maps
  • Select multiple objects by List, Radius, Polygon, Buffer and Intersection
  • Display multiline map tips
  • Zoom to address or place by name
  • Pan or zoom
  • Measure distances

The support of the Java Edition of Macintosh and Sun SPARCstation requires the implementation of the Autodesk MapGuide Release 4 Server, but existing Autodesk MapGuide Release 3 Viewers will still be able to view new applications built with the latest release of AutoDesk MapGuide.

System Requirements

Power Macintosh with Mac OS 8.x or higher plus Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.1 or higher. 16 MB RAM and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, 10 MB free hard drive space minimum. Interestingly, the Sun SPARC requirements list Netscape Navigator 4.5 as the required browser. Perhaps Netscape Communicator 4.5 or higher on the Macintosh will suffice as well.






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