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MacCAD News: New MacDraft 4.4 upgrade, Mac OS 9 compatible

1 Feb 2000

Microspot USA, Inc. has been busy lately with their Macintosh software offerings for design, engineering and technical professionals. The company has announced MacDraft 4.4, an upgrade to the "easy-to-use" cross-platform, low-end CAD program for the Mac.

According to a company representative, MacDraft 4.4 continues the tradition of offering one of the easiest, most intuitive and professional CAD/Drafting applications for the Macintosh platform. Features new or enhanced in this release include:

  • Librarian with Drag & Drop support and Pattern Editor
  • Mac OS 9 Compatibility
  • Eye Dropper tool to replicate the Copy/Apply Attributes options in the Edit menu
  • Marquee Zoom - to drag an area to zoom in/out of
  • Rotate Tool - rotates selection in increments of 90 degrees for repositioning
  • Autocad DWG file support
  • Export to the Web JPEG format
  • Export to JPEG, BMP, Adobe Photoshop, PICT, and Apple's QuickTime
  • Command-Shift-D is duplicate with no offset
  • DXF file format support
  • Microspot Librarian is included

Having Autocad DWG and DXF support is a good addition to this affordable CAD solution that also works well with Microspot's amazing 3D World multimedia modeling/rendering application based on Apple's QuickDraw3D technology. However, we are not sure if Microspot gains its DWG/DXF support via an alliance with the OpenDWG Alliance organization. That organization provides developers with superior DWG file format compatibility tools for software development.

The Microspot Librarian is a handy utility that displays a pictorial list of completed MacDraft drawings or symbol libraries, as well as PICT documents and other formats not supported by MacDraft such as TIFF, JPEG, QuickTime Movie files, Microspot 3D World documents and many more.

Adding symbols to drawings is now made easier with Drag & Drop support from the Library into a MacDraft document. Symbol libraries are available for purchase -- including a full set of more than 1800 symbols that ships included with MacDraft 4.4.

The full CD of Symbol Libraries includes the following sets:

  • Graphics
  • Architectural
  • Landscape
  • Electronics and Schematics
  • Computers

Pricing for a full version of MacDraft 4.4 is just $249, with a full set of Symbol Libraries at $129. You can order online at the Microspot online store. Upgrades for users with previous versions start at $69.

For more information go to Microspot's website.

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