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Seybold Boston Expo - Architosh Floor Report (Pictures - 1)

10 Feb 2000

Architosh Visits Seybold Boston for CAD/3D and other valuable AEC Wares!

This is the first report from our visit yesterday at Seybold Boston and today we will start -- unlike last year -- with our floor pictures and general comments about the show and the Macintosh.

Macintosh Continues to Rule at Seybold Boston - Despite Apple's 'No-Show'

Last year at Seybold Boston Apple had a huge presence on the show floor! This year, after being originally scheduled to appear, they chose to bag off. Apple promised, instead, to make a huge presence at Internet World, coming up. Regardless, Apple's presence at Seybold was just as large as the year before, thanks to the dominating use of Macs on the show floor.

Roughly speaking, about 70%-80% of all CPU's on the show floor were Macintoshes (lots with non Apple monitors making spotting them more difficult). Macromedia and Adobe, the two biggest show stops on the expo floor both utilized Macs for their show booths with a scattering of Windows boxes here and there. Booth theater shows were seemingly always showing Macs, but we know from past shows that Windows apps are often demonstrated as well.

Apple may have been absent at this year's show, but so was Microsoft. This may seem strange for a company with a brand new operating system to show off and release this month? One wonders why Microsoft chose not to take advantage of Apple's absence. Could this be a signal of things to come -- specifically a slight retreat for MS from the professional "creatives" market, as the company mounts a massive front in the enterprise world? As a MacCentral article on FrontPage for the Mac suggest, creative pros know that when it comes to Web publishing there are only two real contenders anyway: Adobe and Macromedia. And with all the synergy building around these two companies in the creatives market, it's hard to deny that Microsoft hasn't fallen -- at least a little -- out of the professional picture. Even Corel, with all of its recent strategic refocusing and difficult WordPerfect years behind it, seems very well positioned in the creative market now -- with top products like CorelDraw 9 and its new Corel Linux (and coming suite of new Corel software for Linux). And if you ask me, Corel is really making Linux look "for real". Just in case you were wondering.

Picture Time

Adobe's Seybold Class Room area used Mac's exclusively.
Attendees pickup valuable 'tricks of the trade' on Adobe's hot new apps!
Adobe staff man individual demo stations equiped with Macintosh G3's and G4's.

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