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Macworld expo: iDisk to be powerful tool for AEC and "design pros"

6 Jan 2000

This tool is one tool that AEC and design pros can use right away.

The ability to have a "public folder" on your own iDisk can do a number of things for you, including locating QuickTime movies and animations which can be reviewed by anyone who is on a Mac running OS 9 or higher.

How can this be used in AEC and the design professions?

Here are three "iDisk Scenarios":

1. Work to Home: You need to leave the office mid day but want to work on a file later tonight at home but need others to continue working on it at the office until the end of day. This is a common reality in design offices around the world. SOLUTION WITH iDisk: Have co-workers place the file in your iDisk public folder at the end of the day. When you get home later simply open your iDisk (it mounts on your desktop) and start working with the file.

2. On the Road Collaboration. You're on the road and starting work on a file (say a preliminary design scheme) for a new client and want the home office to embellish it. SOLUTION WITH iDisk. Get the file started, save and place it in your iDisk public folder for retrieval by others at the home office and let them finish it (say, render and finish a model). They can replace the version on your iDisk where you can take it from there, present it to a client on the road or print it in a branch office.

3. The Catch it on the Fly Approach! You're off to a meeting but the presentation isn't ready! This is a common scenario designers around the world face all too often. SOLUTION WITH iDisk. Let others finish it while you rush off to the client meeting with your PowerBook. Once there and ready get on the Internet, mount your iDisk's public folder and open your presentation (hopefully it will be there and ready) which should be done. Present it! All you need to do this is a telephone line to connect to your PowerBook running Mac OS 9 or higher. Very simple ... and this can work anywhere around the world where you have Internet access (a hotel room, a branch office, a client's house, etc.)

Does iDisk have virtues?

iDisk is a tool which can be leverage a number of ways -- and in all the examples above, it enables collaborative teams to work together on tasks while others rush off to meetings with clients, travel to destinations and rush off to home. In all cases iDisk is just a common, easily accessible (via universal server volume which can be accessible to coworkers, clients and consultants -- to share file resources, present to each other and collaborate on work.

While some professions may find uses for iReview, probably more for iCards, and some in Home Page, iDisk is the new tool that Mac AEC pros can really sink their teeth into. iDisk can be a valuable common depository for files (work), but it will require you to upgrade to Mac OS 9 or higher on all machines that access it. And while there are other technologies out there that allow you to do similar things (and more) iDisk is free and built-in to the core OS of Mac OS 9 and higher. It's a very good beginning in a direction with a lot of potential.

To take a look at iDisk click here.






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