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Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc. and SMLib: VectorWorks' Future

4 Nov 99.

As part of the Special Report on Diehl Graphsoft, we wanted to introduce you -- especially the VectorWorks user -- to Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc. This company is now a part of VectorWorks's future, as Diehl Graphsoft has committed itself to the SMLib modeling kernel for advanced NURBS-based solid modeling in future versions of VectorWorks.

What is SMLib?

Straight off Solid Modeling Solutions, Inc.'s website:

"SMLib is an advanced geometry and topology library leveraged off the capabilities of Nlib from GeomWare, the TSLib and GSLib libraries from IntegrityWare, additional functionality for non-manifold topologies, IGES translators from HarmonyWare, enhancements available with periodic releases, and support through our website, email, and by telephone. The SMLib Architecture reflects the close strategic relationship between the four companies."

Operating out of Bellevue, Washington , Solid Modeling Solutions was formed in February 2, 1998 with the mission to be the leading provider of "advanced geometry technology with high quality products and services, excellent support, and real value."

SMLib 1.0 is the company's latest version of it advanced geometric modeling kernel based on NURBS curves and surfaces combined with a fully functional non-manifold topology structure. SMLIb is well suited for use in both entertainment and CAD applications. The product was shown at SIGGRAPH 98. IT was named a Top 10 Software of 1998 award winner by IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. The products SMLib IGES Translators were also featured in the July issue of NASA Tech Briefs. At the upcoming Mtech show in Chicago's McCormick Place on November 9-11, Solid Modeling Solutions will be showing the new SMLib 2.0

The site also mentions Diehl Graphsoft's press release announcing support and licensing of SMLib for future versions of VectorWorks. A quote says:

"As early as the next revision of VectorWorks, our users will have more powerful solid modeling tools, including non-rationalized B-spline (NURBS)." Diehl plans to develop and market as many as seven new vertical market products by 2001." - Richard Diehl


Very Bright Minds behind SMLib

The people behind Solid Modeling Solutions include, Wayne Tiller, Ph.D., world renowned NURBS expert, formerly the founder and president of GeomWare, Inc., and co-author of "The Nurbs Book". Gary Crocker, MS in computers, was the founder and president of IntegrityWare, Inc. and developer of the TSLib, a component of SMLib. Lastly, Robert Blomgren, Ph.D., was an early pioneer in formulating the NURBS representation, and was a cofounder and former president of Applied Geometry, Inc. He was the co-developer of AGLib, the first commercially available NURBS library, which was sold to Alias Research in 1994, a subsidiary of Silicon Graphics Inc..



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