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SIG: Learning about AMD’s Radeon Pro WX Graphics Card Debut

AMD released some exciting news at SIGGRAPH last week about new Radeon Pro WX graphics cards, aimed at democratizing high-end graphics workloads with lower prices and higher performance.


Could Apple Release One Of These—External GPU Enclosure Anybody?

Apple loves sexy thin…as in your computer! But these systems come with a steep price in thermal enclosure design, and access to today’s leading GPUs necessary for the Virtual Reality revolution.


If Jobs Failed Twice, Why Would Ive & Team Succeed? RIP new Mac Pro

Steve Jobs famously failed with his iconic NeXTcube computer. And then 10 years later, back at Apple, he failed again with ice-motif Power Mac G4 Cube. Both machines were inspiring and innovative on many levels, so it comes as no surprise—really—that Apple’s Jony Ive, who designed the latter machine also, wouldn’t take a shot one more time.


Notes from Apple’s WWDC Keynote—Highlights and Thoughts

We run through the top moments in Apple’s 2016 WWDC Keynote, held yesterday. Get the fast skinny on the big announcements presented in the two hour event. And we have some comments about Apple and architects as well.


The chip the new Mac Pro may have been waiting for is out and ready!

Intel’s new 14nm Xeon E5-v4 Xeon processors are out. While not the biggest update in recent memory, the new lithography process means less power to more cores and thus higher performance. This is a great time for Apple to update the Mac Pro. Perhaps the only time.


Apple TV shaping up to be big focus on March 21, but Mac Pro update, where art thou?

Could Apple shock us with something to say about the new Mac Pro that has failed to delight in the market? It never hurts to imagine and dream, right?


Viewpoint: Steve Jobs told us to ‘Think different’—does Apple still agree?

In this Viewpoint feature associate editor Akiko Ashley asks a very well-timed question about Apple: does it still support those who wish to Think different? Hinging that question on the one true product that was legend to Apple-based ‘creatives’, she frames the discussion through a wide lens that reviews Apple’s Mac Pro history—the backbone of innovators—against a new onslaught of new agendas, new markets and the transformation to mobile.


Mac CAD market looks ‘rich’ compared to years past: Heated global competition drives up goodies

The design and manufacturing industries are worth $12 trillion annually, representing a massive and growing industrial segment which Apple has a big possible role to take place in. It used to be Apple had the hardware but lacked the software. Today, that software ‘issue’ is melting away faster than a snow cone in Tempe, Arizona. For once, the Mac CAD eco-system is looking truly ‘rich’


Smelling blood, HP pounces on Apple’s Pro Mac market

HP comes out swinging at Apple with brazen marketing message that Apple’s Mac Pro customers are moving to Z


The Foundry discontinues Keylight for Final Cut Pro

September is the last month that The Foundry will be selling and supporting key plugins for Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects. The news is a blow to the FCP community who have remained with FCP 7 and 6.


Apple’s latest Mac Family Portrait—Missing Mac Pro

Apple’s new Mac Pro is a stunning computer with some decent pro chops…but the latest ‘family portrait’ of the Mac line up is missing an important child.


SIG: Final Complete Siggraph 2015 Event Photos & Notes

Our complete Siggraph 2015 gallery, compliments of Akiko Ashley who covered the show in detail in an earlier report.


Architosh publishes Mac professional workstation survey results

In this special feature report, Architosh publishes the results of its first workstation survey conducted in late 2014 and aimed at understanding the pro (professional) desktop needs of numerous customers Apple refers to as Mac pros. Not to be confused with the product Mac Pro, today Apple’s Mac pros work across its iMac range in numerous industries, including and importantly to this publication, the Architecture industry.


Architosh to publish its Mac Workstation Survey Study in January 2015

Architosh will publish its first survey study on Mac workstation hardware use by pro users in January of 2015. The survey will answer key questions, summarize diverse workflow cases and provide detailed guidance to pro Mac users.


Breaking the Jobsian Quadrant: Should Apple Make an iMac Pro?

For many years the term “pro” at Apple has been applied to a distinct class or group of products, serving a distinct set of customers. But these days in the era of iDevices the the use of the term is becoming more vague. At the same time research evidence suggest that many so called “pros” are using the iMac as their professional desktop solution. This of course begs an obvious question next.


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