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GRAPHISOFT partners with buildingSMART Korea to foster national BIM standards

Open BIM gains further adherents and supporters in Graphisoft and buildingSMART Korea partnership. The new understanding will lead to national BIM standards for Korea that are Open BIM based and support the mutual goals of all stakeholders in the AECO space


Product Review: Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014

In this product review Architosh looks at the new Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014, with a particular emphasis on its new BIM worthy features in open schema support and IFC 2×3 export options.


GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD 17 scores 100 Percent in the COBie Design and Construction Documents Challenge

ArchiCAD 17 reaches Perfect Score for COBie Challenge


Vectorworks 2014 Software achieves IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import Certification

Vectorworks Architect 2014 joins an elite group of BIM software that has achieved both Import and Export Certification for the latest IFC standards


Graphisoft ArchiCAD receives IFC Coordination View 2.0 Import Certification

Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD becomes first BIM program to obtain both Import and Export IFC Coordination View 2.0 Certification


Nemetschek Vectorworks 2013 achieves IFC 2×3 Coordination View 2.0

Nemetschek Vectorworks achieves latest IFC 2×3 Coordination View 2.0 standard


Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD receives IFC Certification 2.0, Passes COBie Design Challenge Also

Graphisoft has announced some important milestones for its support of the Open BIM Movement and IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)


Scia Engineer first structural BIM to obtain IFC 2×3 V2 certification

Scia Engineer passes latest IFC 2×3 V2 BIM Standards


Architects to gain skills they need at BIM Camp

Architects can gain invaluable skills at BIM Camp and up to 4 AIA/CES


Akos Pfemeter of GRAPHISOFT Talks to Architosh about Open BIM

Akos Pfemeter of GRAPHISOFT Headquarters in Hungary talks to Architosh about the recent OPEN BIM announcements and what it means for this group to promote a true industry open set of standards for BIM workflows and technical requirements


Open BIM stakeholders establish global program to promote Open BIM standards

Open BIM movement moves forward with coordinated global efforts


How the Industry Will Streamline BIM?- NBIMS-US takes more steps

Following an 86-day open ballot submission period, the National Institute of Building Sciences buildingSMART alliance has closed the submission period to develop Version 2 of its building information modeling (BIM) standard, the National BIM Standard-United StatesTM (NBIMS-US).


AIA Board of Directors approves Statement on Interoperability

The AIA Board of Directors approve a statement on BIM/CAD Interoperability. New policy statement directs member architects to care about the development of open standards and waste due to incompatibility.


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