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Architosh launches Mac Workstation professional survey study for Pro Users

In our first hardware study to look at the professional markets that Apple has traditionally served, Architosh has launched a survey in order to comprehensively study the market for professional desktop/workstation hardware needs across a range of “pro” industries.


Architosh and Editor Receive BAC Honor at ABX Boston 2013

Achievements in 14 years of industry technology writing and publishing earn honor from Boston architecture school at ABX 2013


AMD partner Sapphire has Radeon HD 7950 coming to Mac Pro

New GPU card for Mac Pros appears at CeBit and AMD Confirms with Architosh


AIA: Pre AIA Convention News-Architosh Coverage

Architosh to be covering AIA National Convention


Site Notice: Joining Members and Forums

Site Notice – Notification of technical issues with Architosh website


Mac in CAD getting big: Grabowski riding every wave

Grabowski is writing more and more about the Mac these days. But what does it mean? Is CAD on the Mac coming back stronger than ever or is it just a passing fad?


Just one big problem – Notes on AutoCAD for Mac

Today is a big day for CAD on the Mac and Apple and Autodesk. Will this lead to Apple’s further involvement in architecture? The answer to that is probably still unclear.


Architosh ships 2010 BIM Survey Participants Report

Architosh ships the 2010 BIM Survey Participants Report.


Architosh BIM Survey Reports TOCs

Architosh has announced its 2010 BIM Survey Reports. This article details the table of contents of all three versions of the reports.


Architosh announces 2010 BIM Survey Report

Architosh has published its first indepth industry report on BIM, based on the survey of 410 qualified architects and firms


New ToshLetter arrives March 3: get it now!

Architosh will be releasing a new ToshLetter on March 3, 2010. The popular newsletter is focused on executive-class discussion about pertinent issues in the Mac CAD and 3D industries and each issue generally resolves around a major topic. This upcoming issue centers on BIM and architecture.


Tidbits: solidThinking and SketchUp news

Tidbits today include news on SketchUp, solidThinking training and events and some notes about our Architosh Forums.


Architosh to publish BIM study report

Architosh will begin releasing BIM reports on survey data of over 410 qualified architectural practices in the US and abroad — BIM report will cover areas of discussion related to BIM not widely covered in other industry reports, in addition to stats on BIM adoption, BIM tool usage and sentiment and key reasons for the adoption of BIM.


Architosh Facebook Page created for reader/fans

Architosh takes further steps with social media integration with online magazine and creates official Facebook Fan Page for Architosh. This page joins Architosh’s earlier step this year with the creation of the official Architosh Twitter page.


Architosh gets Twittery – And adds new All Tags pages

Architosh gets minor User Interface updates and new functionalities. New View All Tags pages allow for alphabetical listing of all 780+ CMS tags and the ability to scan for content in that fashion, while a new Twitter micro-blogging zone adds new content to each page.


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