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Listing of Top Five Mechanical CAD Apps for Mac

The Mac platform has historically struggled against Windows and Unix platforms for serious mechanical CAD applications, but at two points the platform a strong showing. The first point was in the early 1990’s during the Quadra years, when Apple had some seriously powerful workstation-oriented professional towers. During those years Ashlar Vellum was a serious CAD application used by many in the industrial design and mechanical CAD markets.

The second period where the Mac has had a strong showing with mCAD is the current period we are in now. And it’s getting better each year. Here are two key apps compared side by side in terms of what they offer.

Type of App Platform Support Version Shipping
Cloud-based Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS 3.2.2
Desktop Windows, Mac 4.4


Here’s a table showing some stuff.  Notice what happens when you shrink the window down – the left-hand column will remain, and everything will “collapse” under it.

Name Size Color Flavor Can it run Crysis?
Brand A Really big Infrablue Tasty Yes
Brand B Not so big Neon gray Blechy No
Brand C Kinda medium sized Ultrachartruse A hint of oregano Maybe