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MacCAD News: Nemetschek N.A. acquires key new 3D Geometry Mgr.

10 Jul 00

Nemetschek North America, formerly known as Diehl Graphsoft Inc., and the makers of VectorWorks CAD products for the Macintosh and Windows, have announced that they have acquired a key new manager from Parametric Technologies Corporation (makers of ProEngineer, a product many Mac users happen to want).

Biplab Sarkar joins Nemetschek NA as the new "3D Geometry Manager" for VectorWorks, the company's core CAD product. Mr. Sarkar was previously a principal member of the Parametric Technology Corporation's management. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

According to the press release:

"As the new 3D Geometry Manager, Mr. Sarkar will play an instrumental role in the developing VectorWorks' 3D capabilities. Mr. Sarkar is the first of numerous employees that the company intends to hire as a result of plans for increasing the VectorWorks family of products. Company officials say the staff will increase by 14% over the next few months in order to fulfill the demand created by the entrance into new, diverse markets.

Sean Flaherty, CTO stated, "Over the past few months we have steadily increased the capacity of our engineering staff and we are thrilled to have someone of Mr. Sarkar's caliber join our management team. His vast industry knowledge and prior business experience will prove to be an invaluable asset to our company."

In addition to growing the VectorWorks Engineering Department, plans are in place to augment the Marketing Department, and the Integrated Products Group, which is responsible for the development of the series of industry specific add-on products for VectorWorks. The central component in the product line expansion, the series will target the Landscape, MEP (Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing), Mechanical Engineering and Theater markets. These products are currently in development and are intended for release by year-end 2000.

Architosh Analysis: VectorWorks fans will no doubt applaud this move, as it is a positive sign of VectorWorks' acknowledgment of the increasing importance of 3D solid modeling and rendering. Mac users in particular should take note that aside from Autocad, Pro Engineer—a product Mr. Sarkar knows a lot about—is the most sought after and the most important product to Macintosh-based engineers in the advanced technical fields like aerospace and mechanical engineering.

This acquisition could lead to many possibilities, including some form of file compatibility with ProE and could maybe help foster the faster development of advanced 3D/CAD applications for mechanical engineering on the Macintosh.


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