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Special Report: MacCAD: What's happening with Architrion?

10 May 00

Architosh Forum users discuss the fate of Architrion CAD software.

Jose Maria, an architect, wrote us a ways back about the fate of Architrion software. At that time we had no information, as BAGH has unanswered our earlier emails a number of times. This was common among Architrion users who were looking for future information on the program. As of this writing the corporate BAGH website has been taken down (it appears) with a new main page which simply says, "In Construction ...".

What has happened to BAGH?

According to one reader in our Architosh Forum, a "CAD distributor based in Montreal sent out letters by lawyers to many CAD companies, including Form-Z (autodessys Inc.), saying that they, (the Montreal company) are about to exit the market and want to sell their user list." This would be the Architrion users list.

This is consistent with other reports from readers and other sources that BAGH, the Montreal-based CAD and related business development company, may either be bankrupt and out of business or no longer planning to develop architectural CAD software products like Architrion and ArchiDesign.

Indeed one other reader and Architrion user for many years mentions in their Forum post that they received an email from BAGH a few weeks ago that said BAGH was "dropping Architrion" from its product line. Now dropping Architrion and dropping ArchiDesign are two different things but since one product is based on the other one should probably assume that if Architrion is dropped than so will be the fate of ArchiDesign. This is not surprising news to Architosh given the history of contact with the company. However it is sad because last summer (early) we were told that BAGH had a planned update to Architrion and that they were hoping for an end of summer (99') release after Macworld Expo (not at Expo). If memory serves, updating the program for OS 8.5 was a prime concern of the release as well as planned new and improved features. Now one wonders what will become of this code base? Rest assured, it is not a part of the BOA CAD effort; that group started BOA CAD much earlier.

What about Architrion Users?

As expressed in the Architosh Forum, a number of longtime Architrion users have begun to migrate to other CAD programs, most notably BOA Research's BOA CAD which is developed by mostly French programmers and headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Architosh had a chance to meet with the head of BOA Research a few weeks ago and to see first hand this new Macintosh CAD application for architecture.

The group of developers responsible for Architrion 5.8 started the BOA CAD effort for Macintosh and what BOA CAD allows you to do is open and save to Architrion 5.8 files (and below somewhat). This means Architrion users who never really left the 5.8 version are in good shape because they can migrate that CAD data to BOA CAD. One Architosh Forum poster said that they "have been using Architrion 5.5 for many years, and just last fall made the jump to 6.43". For those using Architrion 6 and above their CAD data will need to be saved down to version 5.8 (if fully possible) and then migrated over to BOA CAD.

We will be following the status of regularly. If and when we learn anything more about BAGH and the fate of Architrion and ArchiDesign (two products that are Mac/Windows) we will post an update on this story.


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