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Art-Lantis Render 3.5: Unlimited flexibility for ArchiCAD models

7 Feb 2000

Graphisoft, the makers of ArchiCAD CAD software, have announced that Art-Lantis Render 3.5 is now available. The rendering product is compatible with a number of CAD 3D formats, in addition to superb ArchiCAD support.

According to the press release, "The effortless information exchange between Artlantis and ArchiCAD - long a hallmark of the renderer - makes it first choice among ArchiCAD users."

Highlights included with this release include new import and export capabilities, improved material selection, flexible shader organization as well as batch rendering. Art-Lantis Render 3.5's picture quality ranks among the best in the architectural industry. Here are key highlight in version 3.5:

  • Powerful new Preview Window with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Ability to create, modify, organize and delete materials directly in the Preview Window
  • Support for up to 65,535 material options (up from 256)
  • Batch processing for rendering multiple scenes at a set time
  • Improved lighting options and Sun studies, with weather conditions
  • QuickTime and QTVR animation movie support for Windows users as well as Mac users
  • Three new CD's with procedural textures

To learn more about ArchiCAD or Art-Lantis Render 3.5 [at Abvent ] click the links.

Updater for Art-Lantis 3.5.1 for compatibility with Mac OS 9 and G4 and iMacDV. Click here to learn more.

For the press release.

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