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MacCAD News: VersaCAD returning to the Macintosh!

21 Jan 2000

More good news for the Mac CAD market! We just received word directly from Archway Systems Inc., that VersaCAD for the Macintosh is coming back to the platform with a brand new release, updated for the latest Mac operating system and latest machines.

Archway Who?

Archway Systems Inc. is a California-based CAD Value-added Reseller and software developer. The company was founded in 1989 by the two brothers Tom and Mike Lazear, the original founders of VersaCAD Corporation where they developed some of the earliest PC-CAD software, including products like T-Square, CADapple (who has heard of that?), OmniDraft, MarsCAD and VersaCAD.

Archway Systems has recently acquired all rights to the VersaCAD software, its trade name and code base. The new VersaCAD website is at (makes sense!) and it is there where you can find all of the latest info. VersaCAD is available now for both the Mac and Windows but the versions are older software patched to run on the latest OS's. New VersaCAD software, updated for the Macintosh is coming soon!

How did the Lazear brother lose it?

There is a VersaCAD history page. Basically, VersaCAD Corp. was purchased by Prime Computer in '87 and was passed around to new owners landing eventually with Parametric Technologies. In April 1999, Archway Systems acquired VersaCAD from Parametric. The current versions are Macintosh edition 4.01 and PC Edition 8.1. Over the years the Mac version must of fell behind. The good news is it's back on the platform.

The New Macintosh VersaCAD

The new Mac version is being recompiled specifically for the Power Macintosh architecture, allowing it to take full advantage of the PowerPC microprocessor architectures (601 - G3/G4). Some other notable -- and needed -- improvements coming include support for native code and OS support up to Mac OS 8.5, native for the G3 processors, more fonts, multiple drawings open at one time, Y2K compliance and a built-in spell checker.

Archway plans on using the DWG/DXF translator API's and software tools from the OpenDWG Alliance for implement cutting edge file import/export compatibility support. In addition, the Mac and PC version will will be fully compatible, as well as support compatibility with ProEngineer. Paul Barr, the original Macintosh author of VersaCAD for the Mac is back working on the new version as well as members of the original team are being solicited for additional help.

Lost VersaCAD Users Needed!

Archway is currently searching for lost VersaCAD users who have lost touch with the original developers. Archway was just at A/E/C Systems last year in both LA and Chicago. VAR's who have signed back on are helping to find longtime (and possibly lost) VersaCAD users on either platform.

If you are or know of a VersaCAD user let us know (we are very curious about how many Mac VersaCAD users there are out there) and get in touch with Archway Systems. Your support is very important to Archway's goals of launching major new versions.

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