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MacCAD News: PowerCADD 5 and PowerCADD 2000 update

20 Jan 2000

Today is going to be good news for many Macintosh CAD users -- not simply because of Apple's great financial news and the enthusiasm on Wall Street for the company -- but because Architosh has a number of good Mac CAD news stories and announcements coming today and tomorrow.

If your a Macintosh CAD or 3D user wondering these days if the platform is getting better or worse then stick around Architosh over the next few weeks. We'll have some exciting good news and will be looking ahead at what 2000 will be like for the Mac A/E/C industry.

PowerCADD 5 is now shipping

The venerable 2D PowerCADD product is now at version 5 and shipping. We were notified of this by Architosh reader Bob Martin (thanks Bob!). Unfortunately Engineered Software's website isn't the best corporate site around and we found know press release (dates would be good too) on the version 5 ship date. So we are not sure when it started shipping.

PowerCADD 2000

PowerCADD 2000 is the newest incarnation of this favorite Mac-only CAD program, extremely popular with smaller architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms, as well as with many technical professionals in a vast array of disciplines.

Some new features in PowerCADD 2000 include: File Preview in the Open dialog box, to help find files from the past especially easy; Area Window quickly takes off the exact area and perimeter values of an object; new Symbol Data tags data to objects and features data extraction from objects to reports for space planning needs and project budget planning; improved text handling with more stability when zooming and making changes, including full justification and text spacing t 1x, 1.5x and double spacing.

PowerCADD 2000 also introduces the Red Snapping Rectangle for those that prefer working with the one button mouse, making advanced snapping and selecting easier. New global origin coordinates, ruler indicators improve accuracy and dimensional assistance as well as a better visual appearance. Interactive fillet works with the Edit Window to allow entry of diameter or radius for created fillets.

Engineered Software says that "PowerCADD 2000 continues the tradition of providing powerful CAD tools behind an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Think of it as having race car performance with luxury upholstering. The ability to further customize PowerCADD and make it work to suit your needs rather than you work to suit its needs, saves you time and money."

For the poor speller (and aren't some architects the worst of the worst?) the new Spell Checker will help out, it allows customization as well. PowerCADD 2000 cleans up the interface by grouping tools under other related tools, creating more powerful palettes and creating more drawing space, unlike Autocad with its billions of separate tool buttons which clutter your available window space. You can customize the tool palettes and even create your own palettes easily. The palettes even work with the Mac OS's WindowShade feature and can be anchored or hid with a single command.

PowerCADD 2000 continues the tradition of offering excellent file import/export support and expands to include newer versions and new formats. The programs system requirements are incredibly modest, requiring any version of a Power Macintosh with OS 8.5 or higher, just 4 MB or RAM (8 MB recommended), and a PostScript output device for printing, LaserWriter driver 6.0 or later.

To look at PowerCADD 2000 and read the full details click here.

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