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Qualcomm Aims to Take Chip Leadership with new ARM SoCs for Windows

An SoC chip from Qualcomm from its Nuvia team aims to compete with Apple’s M-series processors in the PC market in 2023.

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Can you run AutoCAD on M1 Mac? — Answers

AutoCAD on the M1 chip would be dreamy for some Autodesk users, but no official timeline on Apple Silicon has been given for it.

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INSIDER: A (.dwg) Renaissance—Neil Petersen of the ODA Explains Why

With 80 software engineers largely in Eastern Europe, the Open Design Alliance (ODA) is a software powerhouse in its own right, now aiming to maximize CAD industry interoperability across a range of new initiatives. Importantly though, (.dwg) is far from legacy—new initiatives aim to put it back on the main stage.

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INDEX 01: All Mac 3D Apps—Alphabetical Listing

This is our complete (WIP) listing of all Mac 3D apps, simply organized by alphabetical order. This is our master list and truncated lists are organized by industry categories.

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INDEX 02: 3D Apps: CAID (Computer-aided Industrial Design)

The Mac has surged in the CAID (computer-aided industrial design) market with many of the newer MCAD and product design tools being written natively for the macOS along with Windows. Additionally, general and powerful modelers have poured over to the platform as Apple has grown.

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Architosh Editor Guest on The MacObserver ‘Background Mode’ Podcast with John Martello

Architosh Editor Guest on The MacObserver ‘Background Mode’ Podcast with John Martello BOSTON, MASS. — February 7, 2018 — today announced that its founder and editor-in-chief, Anthony Frausto-Robledo, was the feature guest on The MacObserver’s popular “Background Mode” podcast series, which aired on iTunes and online this week on Monday. The Background Mode Podcast […]

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Cyon Research and Architosh to Jointly Publish White Papers Studying Business Cases for AutoCAD on Mac OS X

Cyon Research and Architosh to Jointly Publish White Papers Studying Business Cases for AutoCAD on Mac OS X SCOTTSDALE, Arizona, COFES 2003 — May 16, 2003 — Cyon Research Corporation, a provider of analysis, research and consulting for the engineering technology markets, and Architosh, the worldwide leading Web portal for Macintosh CAD/3D/AEC professionals and students, […]

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INDEX 02: CAD: MCAD (Mechanical Computer-Aided Design)

The MCAD market has traditionally ignored Apple, but things started changing in the late aughts. By 2010 – 2012 major new players like Siemens’ NX (Unigraphics) came to the platform. The strength of the MCAD platform for the macOS platform has grown a lot since, and there are now over 25 native macOS CAD apps meant to tackle MCAD industries.

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Notes from Apple’s WWDC Keynote—Highlights and Thoughts

We run through the top moments in Apple’s 2016 WWDC Keynote, held yesterday. Get the fast skinny on the big announcements presented in the two hour event. And we have some comments about Apple and architects as well.

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Mac 3D News: formZ to Celebrate 25 Years of Innovation

Famed 3D stalwart and Mac developer, AutoDesSys, announces 25th anniversary of legendary formZ software. The Ohio-based company has a LAB unit in Los Angeles that is producing extensions and an upcoming parametric visual scripting environment, a la Rhino + Grasshopper.

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In Berlin—Klaus Vossen Explains Why CorelCAD May Be Right for Your Company

Many manufactures across an array of industries from automobiles to AEC need both CAD tools and technical drawing tools for product manuals. However, the tools they currently have may not offer the seamless integration and cost benefits that Corel Corporation believes it can deliver with CorelCAD.

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Boston area startup OnShape Re-invents CAD—In the Cloud and Platform Agnostic

A startup in Boston backed by MCAD veterans—OnShape—has finally unveiled its innovative fully cloud-based MCAD software, now a public beta, and the news of the unveiling has been rather well embraced, including a spread in the Boston Globe.

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Thinkbox Software has new Deadline 7 Software for creatives on Mac

In this article we look at the new Deadline 7 rendering farm management system with its associated tools and the technology that takes it across platform to OS X and Linux. Deadline 7 is from KRATATOA’s maker, Thinkbox Software.

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Firm Profile: Archiform 3D — Challenging China with Integral Design

We continue our Firm Profile series with Archiform 3D founder and president, Steve Bell. Archiform 3D is a leading global provider of advanced architectural visualization and design services operating globally. The company does amazing work and they do it all with a spartan pipeline consisting of ArchiCAD and CINEMA 4D. This is a big interview but chalk full of interesting business craft and insightful details–the kind of information Architosh is known for pulling out in stories like this. So sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy the story.

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Mavericks brings OpenGL 4.1 plus notes on the new Mac Pros

OS X Mavericks will be a much better operating environment for CAD and 3D professionals — New OpenGL 4.1 benchmarks put it square with Windows

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Altair introduces HyperWorks CAE app for Mac OS X

Leading CAE software provider brings tools to Mac OS X

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Preview: Autodesk talks to Architosh about Inventor Fusion

Autodesk has been competing with the “Big Boys” of MCAD for several years now with its Autodesk Inventor line of software. When it comes to the big leagues of mechanical CAD, platforms have been limited for years to Windows primarily and UNIX. Now the company is touting its upcoming Inventor Fusion for Mac, signaling a change in generation expectations.

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Top CAD/3D CEO’s Talk About Apple in the Industry

In our third article in our 2011 State of Apple in CAD/3D industries series, we deal with many of the bigger issues by speaking to several of the industry’s leading CAD/3D software CEOs and company presidents.

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Mac 3D Toolkit: Pixar’s Tractor

An introduction to Pixar’s Tractor 1.0

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Exclusive: AutoCAD’s Fateful Return to the Mac

In this exclusive feature report Autodesk talks to Architosh about their fateful return of AutoCAD to the Apple Mac platform after nearly two decades absence.

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Tidbits: Blender, ArchiCAD and other news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on Blender receiving best open source software award in the graphic category; news on the Danish version of ArchiCAD 14 and Luxion’s KeyShot.

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Architosh talks to Siemens about NX 6 for the Mac

In this Interview Architosh talks to Siemens PLM Software about NX 6 for the Mac and what led this PLM industry leader to produce a version for Apple’s “designer” platform. Key points in the talk note that Siemens PLM has always aimed NX at heterogeneous enterprise environments and that demand for NX on the Mac isn’t just coming from the “design types” in organizations.

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Siemens PLM Software releases NX for Mac

Siemens PLM Software’s NX is now available for Mac OS X and is fully native Mac OS X code-based. TeamCenter is also available, offering Mac-based engineers, designers and product design managers platform parity under Apple’s award-winning operating system.

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Commentary: Oracle buys Sun, Good for Apple

Oracle buying Sun is probably better for Apple than IBM buying Sun…seriously! For starters Oracle and Apple are good partners, bolstered by a BFF relationship in Ellison and Jobs that goes back decades. Secondly, Sun and Apple have nice supplemental technologies, support and sales, and other avenues of ideal collaboration–including Sun’s Virtualbox and getting Solaris on the Mac Pro.

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Autodesk’s MotionBuilder important to Mac market

Rob Hoffmann, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Autodesk’s Media & Entertainment division said during a private meeting that MotionBuilder for the Mac still important to the company.

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MWSF: Autodesk announces five new Mac products

Autodesk introduces five new native Mac OS X products for design and visualization serving creative markets.

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Can Sun save its Engineering Heritage Using the Mac?

Sun’s Virtualbox virtualization suite now supports Mac OS X – But the former engineering workstation giant could revive its legacy using Mac Pros and a tailored virtualization product for UNIX CAD and Engineering.

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No Sun Sparc Workstations drove users to Mac Pros

Online Petition Looks to Former SGI/Sun UNIX Workstation Glory – Says Lost Users Went to the Mac.

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PointWise’s Gridgen for Mac – Hybrid Meshing Made Faster

Pointwise introduces latest version of Gridgen for Mac, Windows, Linux and Unix platforms – possible to install on Intel Macs, runs as X11 app under PowerPC-G5 workstations or better.

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Apple’s OpenCL released as ratified 1.0 spec at SIGGRAPH Asia

Khronos Group releases OpenCL 1.0 and OpenVG 1.1 – Khronos Group releases ratified OpenCL 1.0 Specification at SIGGRAPH Asia.

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Architosh Mission Statement Architosh’s mission is to empower its readers with leading-edge information on CAD / BIM / 3D technologies across diverse industries. Introduction Architosh was launched as an online site in February 1999 with a Mac-centric focus and quickly became recognized as a premier destination for CAD/AEC and 3D professionals and students worldwide. Two […]

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StreamCAD beta available for Mac

Swedish developer Streamspace launches new StreamCAD beta for Mac and Windows. New cross-platform CAD application aims to provide AutoCAD alternative, designed and created by longtime AutoCAD third-party developer.

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Grasshopper: Generative Modeling Tool for Rhinoceros – Mac Version Needs .Net Support

McNeel North America has new Grasshopper Generative Modeling Tool for Rhino

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SolidWorks Corporation denies existence of Mac OS X version

The maker of the popular SolidWorks MCAD application told Architosh late last week that there is no Mac OS X version under wraps and due in 2008

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Architosh Reader Says SolidWorks for Mac OS X Due in Barcelona 2008

Massachusetts-based SolidWorks Corporation may have Mac OS X version under wraps but UK rep says not for long

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Tidbits: Mac 3D News – Electric Image update and Bunkspeed News

Electric Image Animation Studio 7.0.1 update released, Bunkspeed Chooses Cadalog for Distribution in Japan

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