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Could the field of architecture offer a different kind of experience for clients?’s founder, a trained architect himself believes so. technology is enabling architects to get paid for work they use to give away for free. And the good news is architecture can get better and architects can be more valued.

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TestFit Doubles Customer Base in Challenging Housing Market

TestFit is transforming building feasibility studies by offering “real-time” generative design that is approachable to typical AEC professionals.

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AAD software company TestFit Raises $2M for new breed of AEC software

TestFit secures $2M in seed funding round. The market for generative design software to explode, doubling to $275M by 2023.

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Unit types inside a multi-family building type inside of TestFit’s software.

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TestFit’s configurator software interface.

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3d Adjustments’s newer feature is the ability to make 3D adjustments as part of its manual mode, a feature very popular with architects who want to work directly in conjunction with automated generative solutions like (Image:

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Gurban Parking Ratio Solver 3D Height Drag


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3D Garage Edits (1) can now apply set-back requirements interactively in 3D modes, altering the composition of units and their arrangement into optimized formation. (Image:

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3D Garage Edits (1) can enable the user to directly manipulate the generative output model and when the user does this the program’s AI (artificial intelligence) smartly adjusts the rest of the model in response in an effort to hit targets like unit counts and unit mix among other variables. Clifton Harness calls this “co-creation” where human design experience and intuition work together with the power of machine learning algorithms. (Image:

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‘Force Multipliers’—Architosh’s Editor on latest TRXL Podcast

TRXL is the new podcast on how technology is changing the field of architecture. In this episode, Architosh’s editor is special guest.

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INSIDER: Hypar Looks to Unlock AEC Industry Expertise via Computational Design Ecosystem

The AEC market isn’t just hamstrung by data silos, AEC industry expertise itself is missing its true market potential, both economically and socially on a global scale.

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Early Access: (emTech) section for INSIDER Expresso—#06

Early Access coverage of the Emergent Technologies (emTech) section for the upcoming INSIDER Xpresso #06. Non-subscribers can gain access to this information by signing up for our monthly Xpresso newsletter for free. Inside this issue, we cover new Parametric tools in Architecture, Robots in Architecture and Construction and new Neuroscience insights to help you balance your career path.

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