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IMSI/Design intros new TurboCAD Mac PowerPack

Global CAD software developer IMSI/Design has announced a new plugin toolset for TurboCAD Mac product line.


IMSI/Design, a leading software provider and developer of the #1 best selling CAD in retail, this week announced the release of TurboCAD Mac PowerPack, a new plugin to TurboCAD Mac version 8.

TurboCAD Mac PowerPack

TurboCAD Mac PowerPack is plugin application that extends the power and functionality of TurboCAD Mac Deluxe and TurboCAD Mac Pro, both for version 8.

PowerPack adds tools for validating parts for 3D printing, simplifying mesh, entity verification and repair, as well as layer, color, units, and entity name utilities.

“PowerPack is the perfect add-on product for optimizing your designs when doing 3D printing.”, stated Bob Mayer, President of IMSI/Design.

01 - An overhang analysis function in PowerPack helps users with their 3D printing needs.

01 – An overhang analysis function in PowerPack helps users with their 3D printing needs.

“Even if you are not doing 3D printing, PowerPack’s included utilities make the editing and management of your models and underlying entity data much more efficient.”, added Mayer.”

PowerPack Details

  • 3D Printing Tools — A collection of tools check and prepare a part for 3D printing. Example tools include an overall 3D print check, making sure the overall model file is without the typical flaws that stall a 3D printing process; other items include a slice preview, overhang and wall thickness analysis, as well as a surface normals check.
  • Mesh, Curve, Surface and Solid Modeling Tools — rapidly increases productivity with dozens of new tools to verify and repair mesh, curves, surfaces and solids
  • General Utility Tools — a collection of tools for manipulating entity attributes to better manage data.

You can watch this video for more info on the PowerPack features here.

Availability and Pricing

TurboCAD Mac PowerPack has a suggested retail price of 99.99.USD, and is now available to owners of TurboCAD Mac Deluxe and TurboCAD Mac Pro versions 8.

For more information, please visit or call IMSI/Design at: 1.800.833.8082.


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