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Product Review: Vectorworks Architect 2016

In this product review we take a look at the big ticket items new in Vectorworks and Vectorworks Architect 2016. Introduced this fall but previewed at the Vectorworks Design Summit in Philadelphia last spring, this is arguably the largest update in the product’s history, with the introduction of not one but two major sub-program feature categories—in integrated energy modeling in Energos and in a rival technology to McNeel’s Grasshopper in Marionette.

Product Review: Nemetschek Vectorworks Architect 2015
Product Review: Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014
Product Review: Nemetschek Vectorworks Architect 2014
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Product Review: IMSI Design TurboCAD Mac Pro 8

Architosh reviews the latest version of IMSI/Design’s TurboCAD Mac Pro 8. Since 2006 the company returned to the Mac CAD market with its leading TurboCAD product lineup and the native Mac code-based versions offer compelling solutions at various levels of the low to mid-level CAD space. Powered by the power Spatial ACIS geometry modeling kernel, TurboCAD Mac Pro 8 offers many new modeling features plus rendering, workspace/workflow and much more.

Product Review: solidThinking Inspire 2014

In this product review, Architosh looks at the unique solidThinking Inspire 2014 CAE-based industrial design and architecture design tool for optimizing parts and structures for weight and strength. Using the company’s unrivaled “morphogenesis” technology designers see inspiration in unique responses to forces and stress that minimize mass while retaining strength responses to loads and forces.

For anyone who overlooked KeyShot thinking it's only for quick visual renderings, they will want to look again. --- Tim Feher

‘Out on the Net': More CAD and 3D Reviews We Like

Every week will update this section and curate the reviews of CAD and 3D Software done at publications elsewhere out on the Net. Like all CAD/3D publications, our ability to produce a bevy of reviews is limited. While we intend to ramp up reviews in 2015, continue to expect us to point out interesting product reviews at other publications we admire.

We believe Apple is going after enterprise and content creation apps with the iPad Pro and Onshape is well positioned to take full advantage of this development.

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