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Norway High Schools get ArchiCAD in Curriculum

Norway embraces ArchiCAD for its high-schools, bringing cutting edge BIM technology to over 200,000 students.


Graphisoft has recently agreed with the Norwegian Building Industry Association (BNL) to provide all secondary schools in Norway with free ArchiCAD licenses. The BNL is encouraging schools to use the money saved on licenses to pay for courses for teachers.

As a result of the agreement, students will be assured that they will be using the latest cutting-edge BIM technology in their studies. “Working with BIM is exciting and educational for the students,” said Anita Tjelta, Recruitment and Education Consultant for BNL. “It is important for the construction industry that future employees learn and master this technology.”

Approximately 200,000 students in Norway will be affected by this agreement, integrating BIM software technologies into their studies in mathematics, science and arts and crafts for furthering industry in Norway. BIM is the future of the construction industry and the use of BIM improves communication and data exchange between all parties involved in the entire design-build-management of facilities cycle.

To learn more about Graphisoft’s BIM technologies in ArchiCAD visit them here.