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Graphisoft introduces free BIM Learning Studio

Graphisoft leads industry with new free Voice-Led Interactive BIM Training and Discovery Software Suite.


Today Budapest-based Graphisoft, a global leader in BIM (building information modeling) introduced the free Graphisoft BIM Learning Studio for Mac and Windows computers. The comprehensive suite of computerized learning materials introduces architects, architectural students and other AEC design professionals to “building information modeling” as opposed to traditional CAD (computer-aided design). 

Graphisoft Helps Lead AEC Industry to BIM

Graphisoft continues to help lead the entire AEC industry towards BIM, moving building design, engineering and management towards a full 3D intelligent model driven world. With these latest learning tools Graphisoft is offering continued support to designers in understanding the benefits of BIM. The suite is free and can be downloaded here.

BIM Learning Studio Details

The Graphisoft BIM Learning Studio is a complete suite of voice-led resource learning materials that support experienced architectural practitioners of BIM to gain relevant hands on experience. The suite includes a core of technology tools called the Experience BIM module, which won the 2008 International Stevie Award for Best Training Technology and was a finalist in the 2008 Codie Award for Best Workforce Training Solution. 

“There is no other BIM learning resource in our industry that has been so highly commended,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Marketing at Graphisoft. 

The BIM Learning Studio consists of:

    Experience BIM – A voice-led QuickTime animated interactive training tool that leads users through a thorough understanding of BIM using Graphisoft’s award-winning BIM application, ArchiCAD 12. This provides a conceptual overview as users work through designing the Massaro House, a famous project by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

    ArchiCAD Essentials - A voice-led QuickTime animated interactive training tool that leads users through the design, layout and documenting of a modernist Microsoft campus building in Budapest, Hungary. This tool provides insight into some of the latest features of ArchiCAD 12 including its new systems-based Curtain Wall tool. 

    Advanced Modeling - An introductory guide to advanced modeling techniques for creating complex forms and structures in ArchiCAD.

    Advanced Collaboration - An overview of workflows for project sharing and strategies for team working.

    Building Object Creation - An introduction to building object creation methods and techniques.

Advanced Modeling

Advanced modeling is a growing area of importance within the architectural industry as advances in manufacturing technology make it easier and less costly for architects to implement curved and complex-shaped components within their building designs.  To this end Graphisoft is providing architects with more tools and power behind creative form and design innovation.

“This is an introductory guide to advanced modeling techniques,” Akos Pfemeter, told Architosh today. “This is approximately six hours of material that covers the making of complex forms and structures in ArchiCAD 12.” 

With the Advanced Modeling component of the BIM Learning Studio users can learn about everything from generic modeling of basic shapes and volumes to structural grids, terrains, slanted and composite walls, columns, beams, stairs and roofs. “There is also special treatment on special openings such as skylights, corner windows and trusses and roof structures,” said Mr. Pfemeter. 

For very complex free-form modeling Graphisoft recommends that users look to the highend 3D package Cinema 4D, produced by Nemetschek Group sister company Maxon Computer GmbH, of Germany. “ArchiCAD has an intelligent bi-directional connection to this solution,” Akos Pfemeter told Architosh today, “so architects’ imaginations are not limited by any software constraints.”

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