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Killer SmartPhone Apps: ShopSavvy and Shazam

So NPR has a new program which I caught last evening on the drive home called All Tech Considered. It was a nice, short 5-minute program that was a delight to catch right before my normal financial day wrap-up program Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal. 

Anyway, what was cool about All Tech Considered was the discussion about killer smartphone apps and they talked about two in particular. The first one, ShopSavvy by the software developer Big in Japan, is already turning into a media hit wonder. Everyone is talking or blogging about it. The app basically uses the Google Phone’s camera to scan bar codes and then generate an array of prices enabling the user to comparison shop. Pretty awesome! And a great tool to have during these economic crunch times. 

The next killer app was for the Apple iPhone and is called Shazam. What it does is enables your iPhone to become a musical genius. In other words, when you hear a song on the radio or in a store like the Gap and you like it but don’t know who is singing or what the name of the song is you fire up Shazam and bang, it identifies the song for you.